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Scripture Lady’s Performance Videos

Scripture Lady’s Performance Videos


Watch Scripture Lady’s Performance Videos and see her in action!

Thank you for stopping by to watch some of The Scripture Lady’s performance videos. These videos showcase various segments from both her preschool and elementary programs. Kathy loves sharing her Bible verse songs, Bible review games, Gospel magic tricks and skits to help kids learn God’s life-changing Word.

A Scripture Lady performance is perfect for: 

* a chapel time at your school

* a special Sunday School presentation

* a mid-week ministry such as AWANA’s

* a time of outreach at your VBS (Vacation Bible School)

* any time you want a meaningful, creative, musical presentation of God’s Word at your kids’ level of understanding.

Kathy Vincent has been performing for children for the past 17 years and knows what it takes to keep their attention. Today’s generation of kids is spiritually hungry and wants to know God’s truths for their own lives.

Let Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady, come and share God’s amazing Word to your children through a creative and clear presentation of the Bible.

So, pull up your mouse and click around the various videos here.

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Thank You and Enjoy!

A Preschool Performance of “Monkey See, Monkey Do.”

A Preschool Performance of the Creative Bible Activity:
“A Story of God’s Love”

A LIVE Performance of the Gospel Magic Trick: “Mama Marone’s Pizza”

An Elementary Performance of Psalm 100:3 – Know-ow-ow

An All-Age Performance of “Jesus Healing the Paralytic”

An Elementary Performance of Luke 19:10 – Seek and Save

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