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Free Online Video Workshops from the Scripture Lady

Free online video workshops from The Scripture Lady will present creative ways to share the Bible with kids, ages preschool through 5th grade. Watch them on your own or with your colleagues to boost your Christian education time. 

These free online video workshops from the Scripture Lady are for all who are looking for fun and engaging ways to share the Bible with your kids.

As The Scripture Lady, I have been blessed to teach many workshops over the years to hundreds of teachers. I LOVE sharing the creative ideas that the Lord has given to me and now I get to share them with you, one video at a time and one idea at a time.

The first video is live and ready for you to view!

In order to have access to my first online video workshop and all the ones that will follow, you will need to sign up by clicking on the green button below.

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Each online video workshop will:

  • teach a creative way to share the Bible, either to the young child or elementary child.
  • be labeled as to what age group the idea is geared to.
  • give a “Take-Away.” This will be a FREE resource to help you implement the idea that is being taught.
  • promote a product within my online shop at This promotion will always offer a great deal if you should decide to purchase the product. No purchase of any product will ever be required.

About every 2 weeks, I will add a new video workshop to the page you will sign up to gain access to. You will receive an email telling you that a new video workshop has arrived.

The first video workshop that is being offered showcases my “Bible Story Tapper” idea. Using the “Bible Story Tapper” is a great way to tell any story in the Bible to young children. It combines great graphics with a simple hands-on activity that is easy for young children to enjoy.

In this video, you will learn how to take any story in the Bible and create a fun and easy game for your young children to enjoy. The free “Take-Away” for this video workshop will be a list of websites that provide Bible story pictures to help you put together your own “Bible Story Tapper” game.

Take a look at this sample presentation of the first part of “David and Goliath” to see the “Bible Story Tapper” in action:

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