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Tricky Tricksters in the Bible and True Blue Trusters

The Scripture Lady’s new Preschool Program for the October Season: True Blue Trusters and Tricky Tricksters in the Bible

It’s October and Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. It also means some cute “trick or treaters” will be knocking on my door for some sweet treats. But what October truly means to me is the debut of my new preschool program called “True Blue Trusters and Tricky Tricksters in the Bible.”

As Christians, we do not celebrate “Halloween,” but many children’s ministries try to embrace October 31st with a gospel approach. My ministry is no exception.

I have had so much fun putting together this program that showcases several Bible stories about people in the Bible who were either tricksters or trusters in God.

For example, the opening song titled “Tricky Tricksters and True Blue Trusters” showcases the following 4 stories:

(Click HERE for FREE Bible story pictures for each of the Bible characters.)

  1. Rahab Helps the Spies of Israel
  2. Joseph’s Ten Brothers Tricked their Dad
  3. Paul Met Jesus on the Road to Damascus
  4. Ananias and Saphira Try to Trick Peter

Click HERE for a sample of this song by going to my Scripture Lady Store.

As I sing this song, I actually play a “game” using one of my colorful banners pictured here:


You can see that there are 4 spots for the 4 pictures of the stories up at the top of the banner and at the bottom of the banner. At the beginning of the song, I start with the 4 pictures of the tricky tricksters in the Bible and the true trusters in the Bible up at the top. After singing about each story, I then move the correct picture down to the bottom area under the correct label of either “Tricksters” in the Bible or “Trusters” in the Bible.

Teaching this song is a great way to help your children learn that being tricky can be good or bad. A good trick is a trick that makes everyone happy. A bad trick will hurt people. God never wants us to hurt anyone, but to trust in Him at all times and to do our very best for everyone that meet.

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