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Where Is The Scripture Lady Performing in January 2018?

The new year is upon us and The Scripture Lady is ready to hit the road as she goes to various preschools, schools and churches to creatively share the Bible in January 2018.

This month, The Scripture Lady will be sharing her “Let’s PRAY” program for the preschools. “Let’s PRAY” is a sweet program all about how to teach our little ones the importance of prayer.

Using the concept of the acrostic “ACTS”, Kathy will teach your preschoolers how to pray:

A – (Adoration) – We can tell God we love Him!

C – (Confession) – We can tell God we are sorry!

T – (Thanksgiving) – We can tell God thank you!

S – (Supplication) – We can pray for our friends!

Two of the Scripture songs that she will be sharing will include Psalm 55:17, (Click HERE to learn more about this song) which says: “I will pray morning, noon and night for He will hear and answer; He will hear my cry.” The other Bible verse song will be Kathy’s rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer.(Click HERE to learn more about this song) These two songs are a great way to share some very important truths about prayer:

  1. That God hears our prayers and our cries.
  2. That God is in Heaven and that His name should be hallowed and praised.
  3. That God desires His will to be done here on earth as it is in Heaven.
  4. That God desires to provide all our needs such as our daily bread.
  5. That God longs to forgive us of our sins and wants us to forgive others as well.

Not only will The Scripture Lady share “The Lord’s Prayer” in song, but will also share it with a fun game called “Flip and Find.” Preschoolers LOVE surprises and this game offers the surprise of a great picture of Jesus after they have flipped over 6 pictures that will help them understand “The Lord’s Prayer” better.

Click HERE to learn how you can get the cards and slide presentation for this fun game.

Kathy is also looking forward to sharing workshops at the Seventh Day Adventist Children’s Conference on Saturday, Jan. 27th. She will be teaching all about how to creatively teach the Bible to children ages prek – elementary. For more info, go to


Coming up in February, The Scripture Lady will be sharing 3 workshops at one of her favorite Children’s Conferences hosted by Calvary Chapel of South Bay on February 24th. For more info, go to

If you would like Kathy to creatively share the Bible with YOUR kids, please contact her via email at

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