Bible Object Lessons for Kids – Corny Promises

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  1. Roberta says

    Corn was a product only in South America, later brought to North America. There was NO corn in the “old world”, until it was brought back by explorers.

  2. says has a ton of great resources for planning sermons too, his newsletter areas are chocked full of free stuff too.

    There’s even a hidden button at the bottom that says “articles” that leads to some cool planning resources.

  3. Tara says

    I thought how this would make a great bulletin-board idea that the kids could help design! You could tell the kids to bring their favorite promise from God to Sunday School the following week, then give each child a shape of construction paper produce, have them write the promise on it, and put it on the bulletin board in a cornocopia or basket, titled “Reaping the Promises of God!”

    I am so glad to be subscribed to your blog–you have such a wonderful heart and great ideas to focus on sharing God’s love with little ones. Keep it up!!!

    In Christ,

  4. RYoung says

    Dear Kathy,
    I would like to know about the Noah Game. I already enjoy your helpful newsletter–so how do I get that game?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you,
    Robbie Young

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