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Darcie Maze’s Puppet Scruffy – Scruffy Knows the True Meaning of Easter

I LOVE using Darcie Maze’s puppet Scruffy in all of my preschool programs. This Easter, Scruffy shows the children that he knows the true meaning of Easter – that Jesus gave his life on the cross, but rose from the dead and is ALIVE! Use this cute script to teach your kids the true meaning of Easter.

If you work with preschoolers, I truly hope that you use puppets. One of my favorite puppets to work with is Darcie Maze’s puppet Scruffy. He’s cute and lovable and very easy to use.

All of Darcie Maze’s puppets are easy to manipulate unlike other puppets that tire your hand out after only a minute or so. If you would like to check out her website and learn more about Darcie Maze’s puppet Scruffy, go to “Puppets with a Heart.”

The script that I want to share with you today is all about how Scruffy shows that he knows the true meaning of Easter.

Check out this video that shows how I teach this lesson:

Here is the script that I used with Darcie Maze’s puppet Scruffy:

SL: Hey, Scruffy! Happy Easter, buddy! Boys and girls, can you tell Scruffy, “Happy Easter?” (Children respond.)

SL: Scruffy, what do you have on your head? (Scruffy will have a pair of rabbit ears on top of his head.)

Scruffy whispers.

SL: You want to make sure that the Easter bunny knows that you like him?

Scruffy nods.

SL: Oh, Scruffy! You silly boy! Easter is not about the Easter Bunny!

Scruffy looks at SL.

SL: Noooo! Easter is all about Jesus and His love for us and how He gave His life on the cross and then after He died on the cross, they placed him in a tomb, but …

Scruffy interrupts by whispering.

SL: You want me check your heart? Well, hold on Scruffy, you’re kind of interrupting me telling the Easter story. So, Jesus was laid in the tomb…

Scruffy interrupts by whispering again.

SL: Scruffy! Shhhh! So, Jesus was laid in the tomb…

Scruffy interupts by whispering again.

SL: Scruffy! Ok, ok. I will stop my story and we will check your heart. Now for those of you who don’t know Scruffy, he always has some special things inside his heart that teach us special things about Jesus. I will need someone to come forward and check Scruffy’s heart…

(Nothing is inside.)

SL: Scruffy. Nothing is inside your heart! You interupted me telling the part of the Easter story of when Jesus was placed in the tomb, but on the third day Jesus came back to life and the tomb was empty….Ohhhhhh! The tomb was empty, just like your heart! You were trying to help me tell the story, huh Scruffy?

Scruffy nods.

SL: I’m sorry, buddy! You really do know the true meaning of Easter, huh?

Scruffy nods.

SL: You’re so smart, Scruffy! And you know that Jesus is alive, huh?

Scruffy nods then whispers.

SL: Do the boys and girls know that Jesus is alive? Let me ask them. Boys and girls, Scruffy wants to know if you know that Jesus is alive. (Wait for response.)

SL: See, they’re smart like you, Scruffy! Alright, buddy, we have to say goodbye to you now so I can teach the kids more about Easter. Everyone say, “Goodbye” to Scruffy!

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