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The Child of God – A Fun Bible Outline for Your Kids

Do each of your kids know that they are a child of God? Here is a fun Bible outline that will help them learn what it means to be a child of God from some select verses in the book of John. Use this Bible outline to enhance your Bible teaching time whether in your Sunday School or at home.

Teaching each of our children about being a child of God should be at the top of our priority list. Nothing is more important than to train our kids in the way of the Lord. Today, I have provided for you a creative handout that you can print off for your kids to learn what it means to be a child of God.

Recently, I found a gem of a book online at It’s called Pegs for Preachers by Charles Inglis who lived from 1734-1816. This outline comes from this book.

This Bible outline shows the benefits of being a true child of God from some verses found in the book of John.

Here is the list of benefits along with the scriptures:

A Child of God:

Is GIVEN to Christ John 6:37

Is DRAWN to Christ John 6:44

Is PRESERVED by Christ John 6:39

Is INSTRUCTED by Christ John6:45

Is SATISFIED by Christ John 6:35, 57

Is RAISED by Christ John 6:54

Click HERE for a printable copy of this Bible outline.

How to have fun with this outline:

  1. Have a contest between your kids and see who can look up each verse the fastest.
  2. Have your children write out the complete verse in a journal.
  3. Have your children look up “child of God” in the concordance or online and see if they can find other benefits of being a child of God.
  4. Put the Bible references in a hat. Ask a child to pick a reference and then read the verse. He then has to figure out what benefit the verse is talking about. (Of course, you would have to hide the verses on the outline to do this.)

That’s it! Have fun sharing Jesus!

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