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A Bible Verse Song for The Lord’s Prayer: A Scripture Lady Song

Bible verse song for The Lord’s Prayer

Sing this Bible verse song for The Lord’s Prayer to your children to help teach them about prayer. Jesus prayed and so should we. He is our perfect example.

Why did I write a Bible verse song for The Lord’s Prayer? Well, as The Scripture Lady, it is my number one goal to help get kids excited about the Bible. I also want them to have an amazing relationship with Jesus. All relationships are based on some kind of communication. God has made prayer one of the best forms of communication between Him and His children. The Lord’s prayer is an example of one such prayer prayed by Jesus.

The Lord’s prayer is kind of like a template for prayer. Your children need to know that they can talk to God about ANYTHING! Jesus did and so should your children.

One of the first things you, as a parent or teacher, can do to motivate your kids to pray is have them memorize The Lord’s Prayer. Singing my Bible verse song for The Lord’s Prayer is a great way to accomplish this goal.

I actually wrote this song to be showcased in one of my Bible music programs called, “Let’s Pray!” I believe this Bible verse song for The Lord’s Prayer can be memorized by your preschoolers and elementary kids. It’s an echo song and has a bit of an African feel to it.

Watch the video for a sample of “The Lord’s Prayer Song.”


Here are the lyrics to the song:

Our Father who art in Heaven (Echo)

Hallowed be Thy name (Echo)

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done (Echo)

On earth as it is in Heaven (Echo)


This is the Lord’s Prayer

With everyone we’ll share it

This is the Lord’s Prayer

To every nation we’ll declare it

Come and pray, come and pray, Come and pray, come and pray

Please give us this day our daily bread (Echo)

And forgive us of our debts (Echo)

As we forgive our debtors (Echo)

(The debt we owe for our sin) (Echo)


And lead us not into temptation (Echo)

But deliver us from evil (Echo)

For thine is the kingdom and the power and glory (Echo)

Forever and ever. Amen. (Echo)


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