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A Bible Story Order Song for the Easter Story – by The Scripture Lady

Try using this “Bible Story Order Song” for the Easter Story to help your children learn about the main events of this amazing historical event. Your kids will learn about “The Last Supper,” “Jesus in the Garden,” “Jesus on the Cross,” “Jesus in the Tomb,” “Jesus Rises from the Dead,” and “Jesus Ascends to Heaven.”

Last year, I wrote a chapel program simply called, “Let’s Learn the Easter Story.” I wanted to write a song for the Easter story that would help the kids learn about 6 of its most important events.

I decided that using my “Bible Story Order Song” format would be just the ticket to introduce all 6 occurrences.

When I use my “Bible Story Order Song” format, I use a banner I created called my “Bible Story Order Banner.” It’s a banner that has 6 pockets which holds 6 pictures that showcase the events of any Bible story.

Here is a picture of my banner:

Next to the banner, I have a pocket chart that holds all 6 of the pictures.

Here is a picture of my pocket chart with all 6 pictures for the song for the Easter story:

While I sing the song such as the song for the Easter story, I am showing slides on my Power Point for the kids to match with the correct picture on the pocket chart. I “pause” the song and let a child come up to the chart and find the picture that we just sang about. He then places the picture on my “Bible Story Order Banner” in the correct order.

Here is a picture of the “Bible Story Order Banner” completely full with all 6 pictures.

Here is a sample video showing the first part to the song of the Easter story:

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