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Learn this Bible Song for Psalm 23:6 by The Scripture Lady

Here is a Bible song for Psalm 23:6 to help you and your kids memorize this great scripture. Every verse of Psalm 23 is worthy of lifelong memory and verse six is no exception as it reminds us that God’s goodness will remain with us all of our lives.

“All of My Life” is my Bible song for Psalm 23:6. This verse will teach your children that God is always with them and that one day they will live in Heaven with Him as a child of God.

Producing “All of My Life” was one of my most treasured experiences.

A man named Pedro Buford (from the Mustard Seed Faith Band, back in the day) is the one playing the piano. I met Pedro when I was first married to my husband 30 years ago. He was a chaplain at a state-run facility that I worked at for those with developmental disabilities. We hit it off right away and became good friends.

Pedro is now with the Lord, but his memory is still close in my heart. Pedro was an amazing musician who deeply loved Jesus. For a season, he would accompany me on the piano while I sang worship songs at different churches.

When I wrote my Bible song for Psalm 23:6, I knew that I had to have Pedro play piano for it. I sent him a tape (yes, a cassette tape) of the song to him with me singing it so that he could work out what he wanted to do on the piano. Then, my producer, Jeff Nickel and I, met with Pedro at an old church with a beautiful grand piano. We set up the recording equipment and then Pedro worked his magic. He poured out his heart on the piano which inspired me to pour out my heart in my singing. It was a beautiful time of worship and am so thankful that I have Pedro’s love for the Lord and music captured in this song.

“All of My Life” has a definite worship feel to it. Your kids won’t be bouncing off the walls, but perhaps it will help lead them into a time of praise and worship.

Check out this sample video of the moves to this song:

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Here are the lyrics to this Bible song for Psalm 23:6:

Surely Your goodness and love 

Will be with me

All of my life 


And I will live in the house of the Lord 

Yes, I will live in the house of the Lord 

Oh, I will live in the house of the Lord 

Forever and ever and ever 

Forever and ever and ever 

Psalm twenty-three verse six

Looking for a fun game to help your kids learn more about Psalm 23:6?

Then click on the following link for a fun game called the “All of My Days”

“All of My Days”

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