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Bible Activity for Preschoolers: Counting with Jesus

Post Counting with Jesus PicHere is a fun Bible activity for preschoolers called “Counting with Jesus” -helping them learn their numbers and be introduced to some sweet Bible stories and themes.

I love coming up with creative ways to combine the Bible with other lessons preschoolers are already learning. Take for example, counting. Your little ones are learning their numbers. It’s exciting to see and hear them count. It’s even more exciting when you know they are learning about Jesus too. Try this fun Bible activity for preschoolers to help them count and learn about Jesus at the same time.

For this Bible activity for preschoolers, I chose 6 different Bible stories/themes that showcase some wonderful pictures from the Public Domain. You will see that the pictures clearly show different things or people that can be counted. For example, one of the pictures shows Jesus holding some children on His lap. If your preschoolers look closely, they will be able to count 5 children. This picture also lends itself nicely to sharing the Bible verse, “Let the little children come to me.” (Matthew 19:14)

You will see that I’ve also given you slides that “circle” each of the things or people you are asking the children to count. These slides work very nicely as a Power Point or Keynote presentation.

To present this Bible activity for preschoolers, you can either print the visuals I’ve given you and display them on a chart or table or as mentioned before, as a Power Point presentation.

Before playing this game, you might want to say the following:

“Now, let’s play a little game called “Counting with Jesus.” I am going to show you a Bible story picture up on the screen. Each story asks us a counting question. For example, if I showed you this first picture we would get to count how many friends or disciples Jesus had. Let’s do that now…12 is a big number. Let’s see how well you do on the other Bible story pictures.”

Have fun counting with Jesus!

Counting with Jesus Pictures

Counting with Jesus Title Slide

Jesus with His Disciples Slide (This slide is your introductory picture to the game. It does not have other slides. Simply have the children count the disciples as you point to each one.)

Jesus’ Baptism Slide One (No circles)

Jesus’ Baptism Slide Two

Jesus in Joseph’s Carpenter Shop Slide One (No circles)

Jesus in Joseph’s Carpenter Shop Slide Two

Jesus in Joseph’s Carpenter Shop Slide Three

Jesus in Joseph’s Carpenter Shop Slide Four

Jesus and the Little Children Slide One (No circles)

Jesus and the Little Children Slide Two

Jesus and the Little Children Slide Three

Jesus and the Little Children Slide Four

Jesus and the Little Children Slide Five

Jesus and the Little Children Slide Six

Jesus Heals the Sick Man Slide One (No circles)

Jesus Heals the Sick Man Slide Two

Jesus Heals the Sick Man Slide Three

Jesus the Good Shepherd Slide One (No circles)

Jesus the Good Shepherd Slide Two

Jesus the Good Shepherd Slide Three

Jesus the Good Shepherd Slide Four

Jesus the Good Shepherd Slide Five

If you are interested, you might want to check out my favorite children’s Bible for your children:

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2 thoughts on “Bible Activity for Preschoolers: Counting with Jesus”

  • Hello Scripture Lady! We are presenting the wordless book at this year’s VBS at church. I am teaching the 2-3 year olds and was so happy to see your song the Gospel Fuzzies and other teaching ideas. May God bless you always and continue to use you to help others in God’s work to reach the little children.

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